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What is CodeRave?

Getting into a loop of ideas, but finding out where to showcase them? It's time to think big and act fast!πŸ’‘ Start building projects and join us at CodeRaveπŸ› οΈ
This event provides a platform for passionate developers, designers, and enthusiasts to come together and transform their ideas into reality. It's not just an opportunity to showcase technical skills; it's a chance to network, learn, and have a memorable time with like-minded individuals.🀝
Your keyboard is your sword, your idea is your challenge, code is your vision, and CodeRave is your stage! 🚨
See you all in the hackathon!πŸ”πŸ’»

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Ready to flaunt your coding skills? Follow the steps below to showcase your coding prowess!

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Get, Set and Code


Hack Begins

12th April

Hackathon starts with teams strategizing and coding fervently on their idea. As the first checkpoint looms, excitement builds. Participants showcase early prototypes and concepts, fueling anticipation.

Hacking Contd.

13th April

Excitement escalates as mentors join the fray, guiding teams towards excellence. With checkpoints looming, participants refine their projects, fueled by expert advice and collaboration. As the clock ticks towards the 36-hour mark, anticipation builds.

Final Pitching

14th April

Finale unfolds with teams eagerly preparing to present their groundbreaking ideas. Tension fills the air as they take the stage, showcasing hours of hard work before esteemed judges. The suspense peaks as winners are announced, celebrating triumphs in innovation inspiring a new generation of creators.













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Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

CodeRave is open to a diverse range of participants, including students, professionals, and individuals with varying skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, despite the field of academic discipline chosen, you are eligible to join us! πŸš€
Congratulations on considering your first hackathon! CodeRave is a great opportunity for beginners. We would be having expert sessions, guidance by mentors along the way to help you out in executing your ideas into projects. See you in the hackathon! πŸ€–
No. There is no registration fee for participating in the hackathon. This approach ensures that creativity and innovation can flourish without restrictions, allowing participants to immerse themselves in a collaborative and dynamic environment.🌐✨
The team size can range from a minimum of 1 participant to a maximum of 4 participants. 🀝
Yes, you can participate in any number of events/competitions. Just make sure you have registered for the event and try to avoid time clashes.
Feel free to write to us at team@coderave.in or create a ticket🎫 on discord

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